Nelson Riddle - The great gatsby (original soundtrack)

Nelson Riddle - The great gatsby (original soundtrack)
Voorraad: 1
Kant 1A
1 What'll I do, 2 The Sheik of Arabia, 3 Tom and Myrtle, 4 Five foot two, eyes of blue, 5 Jordan's tango, 6 Who?

Kant 1B
1 I'm gonna Charleston back to Charleston, 2 A long time ago, 3 Yes, sir, that's my baby, 4 We've met before, 5 Whispering, 6 Charleston

Kant 2A
1 It had to be you, 2 Daisy, 3 When you and I were seventeen, 4 Myrtle's dead, 5 Alice blue gown, 6 Daisy's tango

Kant 2B
1 My favorite beau, 2 Kitten on the keys, 3 Beale street blues, 4 The ring, 5 Summer's almost over, 6 What'll I do / Ain't we got fun
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