The Moody Blues - Songs in white satin

The Moody Blues - Songs in white satin
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Kant 1A
1 Nights in white satin, 2 Tuesday afternoon, 3 Voices in the sky, 4 Ride my see-saw, 5 Never comes the day

Kant 1B
1 Lovely to see you, 2 Watching and waiting, 3 Eyes of a child, 4 Gyspsy, 5 Question

Kant 2A
1 Melancholy man, 2 The story in your eyes, 3 Isn't life strange, 4 I'm just a singer

Kant 2B
1 Had to fall in love, 2 Gemini dream, 3 The voice, 4 Talking out of turn, 5 Running water
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